Why Buy From Us!

  • Handcrafted products like Nitagnis’, offer higher quality and more attention to detail – but they can give our buyers some surprising side benefits as well.
Here are the 9 reasons of why you should buy from us –

1. Handcrafted Products Are Green. Work done by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line, which makes it more environmentally sustainable.

2. Handcrafted Products Are Good for the Job Market. Spending your money on hand-crafted products? You’re awesome because Doing so creates jobs.

3. Handcrafted Products Are Worth More. Simple because handmade, handcrafted, hand-sewn, hand-woven basically everything made by hand is a result of sheer hard work and has a unique authenticity.

4. Handcrafted Products Are Also Just Better. It’s not just an amorphous air of authenticity that causes people to shell out more for handcrafted products. Handcrafted goods are often just better.

5. Handcrafted Products Make You Feel Good About Your Purchases. We feel that businesses should place at least as much weight on society’s interests as they do on business interests. Supporting local artisans and their eco-conscious business practices certainly fits the bill.

6. Handcrafted Products Help Communities. Studies have shown that locally owned independent businesses —many of which sell wares produced by hand— return a higher percentage of their revenue to their communities than chains & we are so in for that!!

7. Handcrafted Products Offer a Fuller Experience. Even just the knowledge that a product was handcrafted contributes to the feeling of a better experience because there is a relatable, knowable back-story.

8. Handcrafted Products Are Unique. The nature of handmade goods means that there are fewer of them, so whatever you’re wearing, adding to your wardrobe or home is as unique as you are.

9. Handcrafted Products Support a Tradition of Skilled Work. We’ve seen that supporting your local artisan is good for the community, but it’s also good for the art. As technology makes it possible to replace skilled workers with machines it’s important to keep hand-making goods a financially feasible career choice.

Thank you for helping the handcrafted art and artisans.

We are proud of you already!

Happy shopping!